In 2017 Riverland Youth Theatre will offer accessible quality experiences across all areas of performing arts to the vast region of the Riverland and beyond.

Riverland Arts Project (RAP) is now heading into its third year. Due to some changes in funding, RYT has adapted the project to open up to the wider Riverland community and this has proven very successful. The project engages all primary year level in a project that incorporates drama with other learning areas. The class teacher works alongside RYT to create a project that will make drama and performing arts accessible to the students and help them to learn and develop other areas as well.

Harmony Day is held every year on 21 March to coincide with the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. The message of Harmony Day is everyone belongs. It’s a day to celebrate Australia’s diversity – a day of cultural respect for everyone who calls Australia home. After strong involvement over the past 2 years, RYT has come forward to work within our strong communities to create the Harmony Day celebrations.

Pathways 2 Performance (P2P) begins next year, building on RYT’s strong history of artist development. P2P is a multi-access project for young emerging artists in the region and children that are beginning to think about their place in the artistic and cultural landscape of Australia. Through road-trips, workshops, peer to peer sharing and performance immersion the participants will develop a breadth of knowledge that will then be transferred to the wider community through workshops and performance.

#youth is a creative development and performance collaboration between Riverland Youth Theatre and No Strings Attached. This “warts and all” development will be an in depth process of discovery of what “youth” is and what it means or meant to be young. The contributors for this project will be multi-generational and with mixed ability. With a cross section of backgrounds, as a group we will grapple with all ideas of youth! From the belly of our creative development will emerge an engaging and enlightening performance piece on #youth.

Postcards From the Riverlands is a new partnership between Riverland Youth Theatre and Outback Theatre for Young People. The project is about linking the two groups through letter writing and postcards which in turn will become a performance about the two river communities.

Nunga Rhythms: Set in Motion will leap from workshops into outcomes. The crew will work with professional Indigenous dancer and choreographer Michael Harris and Indigenous musician and composer Eric Cook along with other artists to create a fusion of contemporary and traditional dance, music and theatrical storytelling. Presented to the community and beyond as a dance, live play, and creative film.

Story Town Riverland (Story City) will be a writing, illustrating, musical and performance project. Creating stories for each of the Riverland councils, artists from the RYT community will be employed to create a digital storytelling experience, that puts the user in the story. A mix of cultural tourism and adventure, each story is created specifically to highlight the beautiful or intriguing parts of a real-world site and to appeal to and excite a young, tech savvy audience. For the launch of the stories, RYT performance troupe will create a live performance experience in the theme of each story.

RYT Christmas Pantomime will be a performance, set design and costume design production for all to enjoy. After the success of 2016’s Alice in Wonderland, RYT will be staging a classic tale for Riverland audiences towards the end of the year.

Stage2&Beyond continues to be a very rewarding and special program for the lucky mentees. After an application process, two RYT participants will be chosen to be mentored within their chosen field and participate in development opportunities. In 2017 this will also be woven in with Pathways 2 Performance.

RYT on the Road is a new user-pay program offering activities and programs for people around the region. Community groups are able to book RYT to run a workshop at their workplace, sporting club, shop, organisation or event. We will deliver short, day and long term workshops and activities in craft, drama, film or musical play.

RYT Workshop Series is the new and improved workshop program for the Riverland. After much community consultation, we have created a program that offers a wide range of options in different formats, from weekend sessions to after school and evening workshops.

RYT “Show Off” evening will be held at the end of 2017. This extravaganza will showcase all of the incredible work made by participants throughout the year. Films, costumes, live performances, awards and speeches from participants will make for a night of an excellent show!

Up River provides artists with space and time to develop new Australian work in a regional community with a unique environment.

At RYT, we will continue and expand our strong presence at all Riverland Community Events throughout