2019 is a huge program designed to engage as many different young people, in different places, with vastly different artistic skills and interests throughout the Riverland!

Harmony Day

Each year Australia celebrates Harmony Day on 21 March to coincide with the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. The message of Harmony Day is everyone belongs. It’s a day to celebrate Australia’s diversity – a day of cultural respect for everyone who calls Australia home. After strong involvement over the past 3 years, RYT has come forward to work within our strong communities to create the Harmony Day celebrations.


 Cirkidz & RYT Change Makerz

RYT and Cirkidz have forged a mighty friendship over the past few years. We have collaborated on workshops, performances, holiday programs and creative developments. In 2019 RYT will continue this beautiful friendship with ongoing catch-ups in the form of holiday programs, creative developments and community offerings. Cirkidz will travel to the Riverland. With workshops in all of the councils throughout the Riverland Cirkidz will have a greater opportunity to engage with talented young performers. Throughout the April and October school holidays we will host over 150 cheery young people who will take safe risks in circus training.


Physical Theatre and Circus Ensemble

The Physical Theatre and Circus Ensemble will follow on from the Cirkidz and RYT Train the Trainer program of last year and using the Circus, Dance, Gymnastic and Live Theatre skills of its membership, create a new Physical Theatre & Circus performance. The Ensemble will meet throughout the year, taking advantage of Cirkidz workshops as well as specialized training from other industry professionals, to develop their own new work.


Listen Up Riverland!

Listen up Riverland! is a podcasting project for young people aged 12 – 26 living in the Riverland Region. This project provides young people with a flexible and far reaching platform for them to share their stories, interests and voices. Listen up Riverland! will equip regional youth with both the technical and creative skills required to design, develop, pitch and produce their own podcast! This project will see RYT launch their own podcast made up of participants proof of concept or stand alone episodes.


Standby Cue 1… GO!

Standby Cue 1… GO! Is a  project for young emerging artists in the Riverland. The project begins with a series of workshops catering to the interests of the group. The workshops will focus on developing the ability and confidence to analyse theatre and extract from theatrical work for specialized development. The group will then travel to Melbourne and take part in a number of activities at the Melbourne Fringe Festival. On returning to the Riverland the group will utilise their newly found skills and inspiration to present to the wider Riverland community through a presentation, exhibition and production.


 RYT Workshop Series

 RYT Workshop Series is the new and improved workshop program for the Riverland. After much community consultation, we have created a program that offers a wide range of options in different formats, from weekend sessions to after school and evening workshops.  We also offer workshops suitable for workplaces, community groups and sporting clubs.


Community Events and Activities

Community Events and Activities continue to be a major part of RYT’s public offerings and an important integration in our wider community. We will continue and expand our strong presence at all Riverland Community Events throughout 2019. A major drawcard for our RYT Members throughout 2017 has been the performance, videography and technical opportunities that we have been able to provide within the community and beyond. We worked with touring shows, local advertising agencies and even a corporate training organisation from Melbourne. In 2018 we will continue to seek theatrical opportunities for the young people in the Riverland community and make sure that we are advocating for local talent.


In-School Workshops and Projects

In 2019 Riverland Youth Theatre will have a number of In-School Workshops and Projects. These workshops and projects are t to integrate drama into other learning areas for Primary School and High School teachers.